Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in “Man Eater”

As I’ve said before, Colourpop holds 1st place for my all time favorite makeup brands. They never disappoint! I was extremely excited to try their Ultra Metallic Lip and see if it was up to par with their other lippies.

Buy it here $6 for 0.11 fl.oz.

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What Colourpop Says..

Colourpop describes Man Eater as a “rose gold metallic”, and they describe their Ultra Metallic Lip formula as “long-wearing and pigmented while still being smooth and comfortable on the lips.”

What Vanessa Says..

I’d say that Man Eater definitely does have a rose gold tint to it, but I’d also say it has a bit more gold tones as well, which is a good thing not bad! Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic Lip formula is amazing! It’s so smooth and buttery, which makes it really easy to apply. It’s really pigmented; only one swipe of this baby and it’s pigment city. I love how the texture and color are both very wearable anytime of the day. You’d barely know it’s there because it’s light and airy!


Shade- 10/10

Pigment- 10/10

Comfort- 10/10

Easy Application- 10/10

Flattering- 10/10

Cost- 10/10

Quality- 10/10

Man Eater = 100%

If you’re looking for a pretty metallic lip that’s subtle, yet stunning than Man Eater is for you! Just imagine: you have a bronzed goddess eye makeup look, paired with the Man Eater metallic lip, and you’re on the beach at sunset in the summer. All I’m saying is I’m going to be rocking that look in the summer😍.

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