Mac Lipstick Collection

Mac lipsticks, the staple in everyone’s makeup bag. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you most likely have one of these little black bullets in your makeup collection. If not, or if you’re looking for a new color, check out what’s in my makeup collection!

The Swatches.. 💄

Hug Me Lustre Lipstick: Mac describes it as a “flesh pink”, I’d say it’s a bit darker than it sounds. Hug Me is a gorgeous color for the fall & winter seasons! It’s a bit of a deeper nude/pink that has a bit of a shimmer and feels silky smooth on the lips! $17.50

Faux Satin Lipstick:Mac’s satin finish lippies are so comfy on the lips! Faux is described as a “muted mauve pink” and that describes it to the T. It’s creamy & buildable and the pink tones are perfectly muted and blended with mauve tones. Would look great for a brunch with friends or a date! $17.50

Gossamer Wing Lustre Lipstick: a breathtaking shimmery shade that would look amazing alone or on top of another lipstick. Gossamer Wing is described as a “dirty beige with gold pearl”. Words can’t describe how truly gorgeous this shade is. Hurry if you want it, it’s a limited edition! $17.50

Pervette: if you had your eye on this cutie you’re in bad luck 😩 turns out this shade isn’t sold anymore. It’s so shimmery and pretty. $N/A

Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick:you probably have heard of this already thanks to Kylie Jenner but it’s is so worth all the hype. It’s so popular it even has a perfume made for it. The shade is described as a “deep-tone beige” and is like so gorgeous on all skin tones and can be pulled off throughout every season! Velvet Teddy is basically 2010’s version of the 90’s staple brown lippie. $17.50

Myth Satin Lipstick: another satin lip that glides on effortlessly and doesn’t streak. Honestly, when I ordered Myth online I had done lots of research (browsing youtube vids) and thought it would look good on me but when I got it in the mail that’s when I realized Im a little tanner than some of those girls I watched. It looks like I put some concealer on my lips like I used to in high school… don’t buy unless you’re fair and have a light complexion. $17.50

Shopping online is tricky when it comes to makeup because you don’t know if the product you’re looking at online looks the same in person. Hopefully I helped you make a decision in your purchase! Btw this is my very first blog, I’m really excited to start this up because I’d love to share all my experience and opinions with everyone. Thank you for reading!



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