Colourpop Haul

If you read any of my posts, you will know that I absolutely love Colourpop. They’re a great cosmetics brand because of their price, selection, and quality. I haven’t bought anything since last summer and it’s now spring so I decided to treat myself to some stuff. I bought about 30 individual things and my total came to around $230! That’s a really good price for that many things, and people say quality over quantity, but Colourpop defies that saying because everything is good quality!

Liquid Lipsticks


Ive been eyeing up this shade from the iluvsarahii x Colourpop collection for a while now. It’s a mid-tone warm nude in their ultra satin finish.

Point Zero

I never knew about this color until I saw it while scrolling through all of their lipsticks. This is a cool toned grey brown in their ultra satin finish from the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Collection.

Lil Pump

I’m in love with this pale dusty mauve in their ultra matte finish.

Man Eater

Man Eater is a gorgeous shimmering rose gold color in Colourpop’s ultra metallic finish.


I’m so upset that they don’t carry this anymore. This is one of my favorite colors so I had to stock up before there were none anywhere. This is a cool-toned nude beige in their ultra matte finish from the KaePop collab.


Picking out lipsticks this time around, I made sure I got some shades that I don’t really have in my lipstick collection. This is a greige rose in their ultra matte finish and it’s one of their bestsellers.


This is is described as a “mid tone warm beige” and they have a picture that looks like it’s a camel color but that’s not what it looks like. It looks kind of like Beeper but it’s still a pretty color.

Times Square

Like 951, I’ve been wanting to get this lippie. It’s described as a “muted pink beige”, I think it has some purple tones to it. The finish is ultra matte.


This color is so pretty. It reminds me of Colourpop’s Stud lippie. It’s a deep dusty burgundy in an ultra matte finish.

Frick N’ Frack

This is a pretty rosy terra-cotta shade that’s a little bit more darker than Tulle. It’s in their ultra satin finish.


This is definitely not a color I have in my lipstick collection so I thought I’d add this to it. It’s a pretty cool-toned chocolate brown that reminds me of Kylie’s “True Brown K”. This is from the Ellarie x Colourpop collection.

Lux Lipsticks

LA Lady

From their brand new Lux Lipstick collection, LA Lady is a rosy terra-cotta. I’m going to do a review on these soon so I won’t get into detail about it.

Tip Toe

Tip Toe, another Lux lipstick, is a gorgeous light cool-tone nude. This is one of my favorites out of this whole haul.

Lippie Stix


Described as a “dusty warm brown”, I think this is more of a deep burgundy. One swipe of this gives off a highly pigmented, matte swatch.


I had to get another one of these Lippie Stix because my mom took mine from me and used it all up because she loved it. Tootsi is a matte pinky greige.

Oh Snap

This is described as a “matte muted pinky nude”.

Can’t Wait

This is described as a muted rose

Lippie Pencil

Beeper Pencil

As you saw in the liquid lipstick section, I got Beeper and I also got the pencil. I needed a darker lip pencil and this seemed like a good one.


I Think I Love You

I was most excited about this eyeshadow palette. It’s a really pretty palette with 8 metallic shades and 4 matte shades.

Give It To Me Straight

This palette has 4 metallics and 7 matte shades. The color scheme is more pinky shades in this palette.

Double Entendre

This palette has 5 metallic and 7 matte shades.


Wknd is one of Colourpop’s Super Star Loose Pigments. It’s creamy vanilla with pink and gold glitter. It’s a lot more pigmented and shiny if you wet it with something like Mac’s Fix + spray or a setting spray.


Legit Af Trio

I chose a video instead of a picture because in the video you can really see how pigmented and shiny they are. It comes with Over The Moon, Spoon, and Wisp.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science is the first one shown in the picture above. It’s a pastel purple with a silver sheen.


Flexitarian is the second one shown in the picture above. It’s an intense white champagne.

Sugar Trap

One of Colourpop’s Luster Dusters, Sugar Trap is a pale pink with an icy sheen.

Strobe Globe

Another Luster Duster, Strobe Globe is a soft ivory with a gold and silver sheen. In this picture, I wet my brush and then swatches Strobe Globe. This is the same formula as Sugar Trap.


Fair 02

I bought 2 different shades of concealers because they’re affordable, and because I like to add dimension when I’m highlighting. This is the lightest of the two.

Light 10

This is a little bit darker than the last one.

Bronzer & Blush

Afternoon Delight

This is a nice bronzer that contours my face really good


I got this Blush so I can incorporate it into my bronzer/contour to add definition and color.



This is a flat kabuki face brush. I like using it for my liquid foundation and to blend concealer into my foundation.

I’ll be posting individual reviews on each of these things soon!


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