NYX Lip Lingerie Swatches

Being the beauty junkie that I am, I’ve tried so many liquid lippies that I now know what brands and makeup lines are in my top 5 favorites. Colourpop holds my number one spot but the other four are in no specific order. You might’ve already guessed that the NYX Lip Lingerie line is in my top 5! They definitely hold a place in my heart for being high quality without hurting my bank account. When I say these babies are high quality, I mean I took swatches at 2pm and it’s now 10pm and they still haven’t budged. The name of this line truly describes it to a ‘T’ because they’re all nude-based colors & they’re light weight and comfy on the lips. Anyways, keep scrolling for the swatches!

The Arm Swatches

The Lip Swatches

Things You Should Know

BabyDoll (11): Described by NYX as a “nude pink”. Baby Doll isn’t for everyone, I’m fair toned and it’s not too light for me but for anyone who is medium, dark, and everything in between, this shade would be extremely pale.

Shop “Baby Doll” here $7

Satin Ribbon (07): Described by NYX as a “taupe”. This color is a little like Baby Doll except Satin Ribbon is more taupe and Baby Doll is more pink.

Shop “Satin Ribbon” here $7

Lace Detail (03): Described as a “nude pink beige”. This color has a mix of gorgeous tones that fit together perfectly.

Shop “Lace Detail” here $7

Ruffle Trim (04): Described as a “cinnamon pink”. This definitely has some cinnamon color undertones and the pink kind of balances it out. This looks really good in the fall.

Shop “Ruffle Trim” here $7

Push Up (06): Described as a “brown spice pink”. This color looks a lot like Mac’s Velvet Teddy lipstick, instead this is in liquid form. Again, this looks really good in the fall and winter.

Shop “Push Up” here $7

Corset (09): Described as a “toffee nude”. This is my favorite color out of all the ones I have in my collection! It’s such a pretty color, and it looks griege to me.

Shop “Corset” here $7

Honeymoon (01): Described as a “grey toned beige”. This color is a gorgeous deep color with grey hints in it. I love this color too!

Shop “honeymoon” here $7

Embellishment (02): Described as a “muted purple”. This color is my moms favorite one, she has like 4 of them.

Shop “embellishment” here. $7

Vanessa’s Tips

  • Add an extra layer or two of product just to make sure there’s no streaks

  • When you’re finished applying on the lips, take a towel and dry the inside of your lip that you can see where the lipstick ends, and then once it’s dry take the lipstick & apply to that area so there’s no harsh lines. Make sure you wipe your teeth if you get any on them.
  • If this lipstick is too drying on your lips, just take any gloss and put it right on top! Problem solved.

All these pictures are mine. I hope this helped & made your shopping decisions a lot easier!


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